Collaborations, Beers, and everything else.

Posted by Gerard Purvis on

Hello again. Happy New Year!

It's been a while since our last blog post, and a lot has happened. So with the start of a new year and the roaring 2020s, I thought it was as good a time as any to have a little catch up.


Firstly, we got our alcohol licence and started up Port Bierhaus, and all your support so far has been incredible. We're still growing and learning what it is you guys want to see on the Bierhaus shelves, and we have some amazing things coming up which I'm really excited for. I need to say a massive thank you to the guys at Vaux for all their support during the launch and set up of Bierhaus, but also their continued support since. I couldn't have anticipated the demand for their beers and merch in the run up to Christmas, but Steve and Micheal always delivered and saved my neck. If you're a gentleman living in a 5 mile radius of Sunderland, there's a 30% chance you got a Vaux pint glass from us in your stocking this year!

Massive shout out to the other local breweries we're working with too; Anarchy, Wylam & Two by Two. More to come in the next few weeks.

 We also launched our first collaboration collection with Maltas. Matt worked tirelessly on his designs and Joe at Merch Bitch really delivered some top quality prints. The collection has sold really well, so if you haven't got a piece yet get your skates on. We're working on our next artist collaboration which will (fingers crossed) be launching in time for Summer. 

It's honestly been such a buzz to see the support Sunderland has for its local talents; whether they be breweries or artists or even just a clothes shop. We appreciate each and every customer who chooses to shop local with us instead of the big brands, because by giving us your custom you make it possible for us to do these exciting things which hopefully give something back to the community. 

Personally, I've been on board with Port Independent for just over 7 months now and the most rewarding part of my job is seeing people wearing the stuff I've designed and made, or (responsibly) enjoying the beers we've sourced or supporting local artists' work. It's heart-warming to see and inspires me to work harder and continue to come up with new and exciting ideas. We've got so much planned for 2020 already, it's gonna be a doozy.

Thanks & cheers to the Next 12 Months,

Gerard @ Port Independent & Port Bierhaus.